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Closing the cyber skills gap

The growing threat of cyber attack drives the need for technical cyber expertise internally. But also you need to look at strategy to get more flexible with your thinking to solve security challenges.

Having more women working in your business provides greater diversity of thinking.

Sponsoring the Women in Cyber Academy will give you access to a pool of talented, trained women to help balance the skills in your cyber security team.

And if you’re looking to bring more women into your tech team, this is a brilliant place to start.

Become a Women in Cyber sponsor

To fund the programme, we need sponsors in industry to provide £5,000 per place and get involved in influencing the training and selecting their future employees.

We will guarantee our candidates an interview with their sponsor at the beginning of the programme, which means you’ll need to have a junior-level role available to suit the participant. If you would like to get involved in the process, contact us.

Flexible thinking to tackle threats

The programme is open to women of any background and all ages who are looking to begin or change to a career in Cyber Security. Each cohort of women will be guided through an accelerated learning pathway to give them the skills they need to start working in cyber immediately.

When candidates apply, we’ll be looking for transferable skills, such as:

  • Tech curious – take an enthusiastic interest in learning about technology and cyber security.
  • Communication – happy to question and share ideas for handling potential cyber incidents.
  • Flexible thinking – women who can work with a team to review security challenges.
  • Prioritising – capable of handling workloads in a busy department and focusing on priorities.
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